Work from home that works.

Get work-worthy internet
with Google Fiber.

Just because your office is your couch doesn’t mean you don’t deserve work-worthy internet—or a pro setup. Whether you’re new to working from home or have been working at home for a long time, we’ve got you covered with some tips so you can accomplish all the things you need to do.

Make sure you’ve got fast, reliable internet to support all that you do.

When you’re working, you’re making things happen and sending information to the internet, so be sure to pay attention to what upload speeds you’re getting. This is especially true if you do a lot of video conferencing. (Think about it: You’re sending you to the internet!) You can check your upload speeds by doing a speed test.

If you don’t have gigabit internet, you can still make sure your network puts your work first by setting your work computer to be your priority device. (Here’s how to do that with Google Wifi.)

Be heard on every call.

If you keep hearing “no one can hear you,” consider an upgraded microphone or headset that can connect to your phone and your computer so you can easily switch between voice calls and video calls.

And if you’re making international calls, or just need something with a better connection than your cell phone, consider adding dedicated phone service, like Google Fiber Phone.

Look professional.

You’ll want to look the part of a pro during your video conferences (even if you’re secretly wearing shorts). An HD webcam will let coworkers see you more clearly. Put your webcam on your external monitor for better eye contact.

Choose video conferencing that lets everybody join in, such as Google Meet. (You can learn more about how to use Google Meet here.)

And be sure to clear out the clutter from your workspace so no one knows how messy your workspace really is.

Work like you’re in-person, even if you’re not.

One big challenge of remote work is that you lose the collaboration and socialization that comes with office life. Fortunately, you have some other options: You can schedule virtual “water coolers,” “coffee breaks,” and “happy hours.”

As for the actual work part, collaborate with your teammates by using cloud-based software. If your company is already using GSuite, you can learn more about how to use it here.

Get comfortable, and stay focused.

It’s not just about being comfortable—it’s about being productive. Make sure you’ve got a setup that works for you, whether that means sitting in an ergonomic chair or sitting on a yoga ball. Need to focus? Add some finishing touches to your space to help you get in the zone.

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